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YRTYork Region Transit (Ontario)
YRTYearly Renewable Term (insurance)
YRTYoughiogheny River Trail (Pennsylvania)
YRTYale Repertory Theatre
YRTYear Round Training (military)
YRTRankin Inlet Nunavut airport (airport code)
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Following this, participants undertook the YRT (Veale et al.
The YRT is a shuttle run that is similar to the beep test and involves high intensity running that is interspersed with recovery periods, making it applicable to track athletes as well as team sport athletes (Bangsbo et al.
Further analysis was conducted to identify the smallest worthwhile change in YRT performance scores between the three recovery trials, using the method outlined by Batterham and Hopkins (2006).
Furthermore, environmental conditions were similar between trials for the YRT (16.
Table 1 illustrates the difference in the number of shuttles completed in the YRT following the CON, CWI(0) and CWI(3) trials.
Figure 1 shows the percentage change in CRP levels from immediately prior to the HIIS (baseline) to 24 h later prior to YRT for CON, CWI(0) and CWI(3).
Launched in 2007 by YAL Bahrain, the YRT is based on the principle that young people are a crucial segment of society and pivotal to future development.
TIRI participates in transactions related to mortality and investment business, including portfolio YRT, quota-share Coinsurance and YRT, capital management and financial solutions.