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YSIYousendit (File Transfer Website)
YSIYellow Springs Instruments (Yellow Springs, OH)
YSIYou Said It
YSIYoung Social Innovators (Ireland)
YSIYouth Science Institute
YSIYoung Scots for Independence (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
YSIYou Stupid Idiot
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Considering the second component, selection for high values of Ys, YI and YSI and low values of SSI and TOL will result in identifying, stress tolerant and high yielding genotypes in stress conditions.
According to the complaint, Michael Cimini is the president, treasurer and a director of Yankee Spirits, while Donald Cimini is secretary and a director of Yankee Spirits and has no ownership interest in YSI Business Trust or Yankee Spirits.
4, the sensor diffraction wavelength was measured and a 60-[micro]L aliquot of plasma was removed from the cuvette for YSI 2300 analysis to establish sample glucose concentration.
Background: Like many companies post 9-11-01, business conditions softened and YSI faced economic uncertainty.
At the end of the deployment period, the data logger is removed from the PVC pipe, and then a YSI 600 data logger attached to a YSI 610-DM handheld unit is lowered into the pipe to record in-situ post-retrieval conditions at the same depth.
System Test Strip Method/Reference 1 Accu-Chek Advantage Electrochemical/Hitachi H 717, plasma 2 Accu-Chek Comfort Electrochemical/Hitachi Curve 717, plasma 3 Precision G Electrochemical/YSI, plasma 4 Precision QID Electrochemical/YSI, plasma 5 SureStep Reflectance photometric/ YSI, plasma 6 Glucometer Elite Electrochemical/Hitachi 704, plasma System Enzyme Blood Sample Sample Sample Dosing Volume, [micro]L 1 GD C, V, A, N Top 9-14 2 GD C, V, A, N Side 4 3 GO C,V, A, N Top 3.
Ironically, the urban blight that contributed to the untimely death represents an opportunity for YSI and other companies, which are booting governments out of programs they don't run efficiently - including schools and prisons.
We believe that our YSI EMM2000 buoys embody the innovative technology that provides the right solution to protect the valuable coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea.
Powerful yet simple, the YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT is a modular water quality system for complete process
Tickers featured: ACC, AVB, CCG, CPT, EDR, ESS, EXR, HME, MAA, PSA, SSS, YSI.
We are getting ready to release a software package to go with our glucose and lactate analyzer, the YSI 2300," reports Jamie Lussier, product manager at Yellow Springs, OH-based YSI.
YSI also showed its new blue-green algae sensors for both freshwater and marine water monitoring, which are based on fluorescence technology.