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YSOYoung Stellar Object
YSOYale Symphony Orchestra
YSOYouth Soccer Organization (various organizations)
YSOYttrium Oxyorthosilicate
YSOYoungstown Symphony Orchestra (Youngstown, OH)
YSOYork Symphony Pops Orchestra
YSOYlivieskan Sosiaalialan Oppilaitos (Finnish: Ylivieska Social Institution; Ylivieska, Finland)
YSOYouth Sector Organisation (Singapore)
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None of their YSOs can be seen in visible light, but some of their cocoons are visible as dark nebulae.
Key Word suggestions come from the resource consisting of (second-hand through a bonfire) JUHO, JUPO, LIITO, TERO, TSR GLOSSARY and the YSO.
For this purpose, we ll use Neodymium doped YSO crystals and our AFC (Atomic Frequency Comb) protocol for multimode quantum memories.