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YSPYamaha Sound Projector
YSPYield Spread Premium
YSPYemeni Socialist Party (Yemen)
YSPYouth Smoking Prevention
YSPMarathon, Ontario, Canada (Airport Code)
YSPYale Summer Program
YSPYearly Subscription Plan (auction platform)
YSPYears of Service for Severance Pay Purposes
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Also at YSP (until June 25) is an exhibition of 'Sixty Years of Sculpture in the Arts Council Collection', which contains a Patrick Caulfield painting that is a satire on the very concept of the sculpture park.
Believing that they would be rigged in favor of the party supporting President Salih (the General People's Congress [GPC]), the YSP decided to boycott the elections altogether.
It is clearly a disappointment, but the Shafeis [Sunnis] in the north did not support us", says a senior member of the YSP, now in exile.
It's a work that Jaar has wanted to realise for some years, and YSP is uniquely placed to create it.
This contrasts with the Culpepper III decision, in which the 11th Circuit suggests that a YSP based only on a rate sheet could be a referral fee if the lender does not know exactly what services are performed by the mortgage broker.
Within a week of the December riots Attas castigated the YSP and GPC for failing to cooperate with each other and blamed them for the country's problems.
Yamaha Electronics Corporation, USA, continues to lead the evolution of digital home theater, and can now add the term "award-winning" to the YSP line of revolutionary Digital Sound Projector(TM) models.
Involved are four armies: The regular army loyal to president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his brothers and cousins, the southern army loyal to the YSP leadership, especially the Yafa/Dhalah forces, the rag tag contingents of what remains of the Ali Nasser Mohammed army, and the tribal-Mujahideen clusters that pledge allegiance to Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hussain Al-Ahmar and his partner, Sheikh Abdul-Majeed Zindani, and others.
LaFalce called HUD's proposal to require that YSPs be credited to the broker as "pro-consumer," noting that it could put an end to YSP abuses.
There are two free walks, at 11am and 2pm starting from the YSP Visitor Centre.
The political office and the general secretary of the YSP said in a statement published on Tuesday that the map "does not offer a real solution for the Southern Issue.
A YSP is essentially a premium paid to an originator who originates a loan at a slightly higher rate, frequently to reduce out-of-pocket closing costs for borrowers.