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YSTYukon Standard Time (GMT-0900)
YSTYolk Sac Tumor
YSTYouth Services of Tulsa
YSTYou Still There?
YSTTIAFT Young Scientists
YSTYour Spanish Translation
YSTYellow Starthistle
YSTYoroiden Samurai Troopers (Japanese animation series created in the 1980s)
YSTYou Sexy Thing
YSTYouth Sport Trust (UK)
YSTYahoo! Search Technology
YSTYouth Service Team
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YST worked with 200 secondary schools to address the gender gap in school sport.
Endometrial YSTs seem to be associated with high metastatic rates.
The total gas produced in the control and the YST treatment groups was calculated by subtracting the average gas produced in blank syringes.
Germ cell tumours represent a diverse group of neoplasms, including classic seminoma, spermatocytic seminoma, embryonal carcinoma, YST, choriocarcinoma, teratoma and mixed tumours containing variable amounts of the aforementioned tumour types.
He said funding fromthe YST had helped it develop attendance awards to help tackle persistent absence, and strategies working with other schools to help children lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.
YST has opened its purposebuilt training centre in Madrid that is supported by the Spanish Wind Energy Association and the Gov-ernment.
The tax authorities assessed the value of the YST Investment shares that Takei received at about 160 billion yen based on the Dutch investment firm's assets, which included a large number of Takefuji's shares.
Though some infection did occur on safflower, the plant suffered little harm, reports Bruckart, who compared YST rust with P.
The YST is a group of innovative, dynamic young Canadians trying to mobilize youth action and awareness about sustainability issues in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development that is to take place in South Africa in September 2002.
5 Adeno YST 5 mo Chorio/YST Adeno Mashiach et al,[8] 1995 5 Adeno NR 5 mo Chorio Tokisue et al,[9] 1996 NR Adeno Chorio 12 mo Chorio Present case 3 Adeno YST 1 mo Chorio/YST (*) HCG indicates human chorionic gonadotropin (reported in IU/L); NR, not reported; AFP, [Alpha]-fetoprotein (reported in [micro]g/L); WNL, within normal limits; Adeno, adenocarcinoma; Chorio, choriocarcinoma; and YST, yolk sac tumor.
Yamaha is also coming out with a step-up line, the YST System 45 speaker system, which retails for $249.