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YUCCAYugoslav Computer Communications Association
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House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment hearing on legislation to revive Yucca Mountain.
The vote itself does not restart the licensing process for Yucca, which has been mothballed by federal law.
Despite protests to the contrary, Obama put the brakes on Yucca Mountain for purely political purposes.
Yucca Telecom's customer base in the rural areas is declining because of an aging population.
The absurdity of the Yucca Mountain situation was captured late last month when environmental groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, filed lawsuits against the U.
La descripcion original de Yucca queretaroensis (Pina, 1989) no incluye el fruto y dado que la clasificacion del genero se basa principalmente en las caracteristicas de este, la ubicacion taxonomica de la especie no habia sido definida adecuadamente.
MDR Auto Glass has been assisting drivers in and around Yucca Valley with windshield replacement and other automotive glass services since 1970.
The Yucca Mountain site has several geographical, structural, and geophysical characteristics that may be relevant in considering potential alternative uses.
The 74-year-old is amazed this yucca he has had for eight years has produced five flowers.
My qualifications for writing this letter are that I wrote extensively on environmental economics in the 1960s and 1970s and that I was a member of the first Department of Energy committee to investigate Yucca Mountain during the 1970s.
Once she had singled out yucca as a potential fiber, she realized that there were several types of yucca plants.