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YUMIYork Unifying and Multicultural Initiative (York, England, UK)
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Clockwise: Ethan David, Jem Cubil, Julian Trono, Janine Tenoso, Andrea Babierra, Yumi Lacsamana, Donnaly Bartolome, Sarah Geronimo, John Roa, BSTRD PRNCE and Velle
ABB describes its YuMi family of collaborative robots as being designed to work alongside humans on the factory floor to boost productivity and support the transition to mass customization.
Thyro and Yumi are two of the country's best songwriters today.
The conductor trained YuMi by holding its arms and hands and guiding it through the movement of conducting and the robot recorded these movements.
Also featured on the stand will be ABB's new YuMi dual-armed robot, the first truly collaborative dual armed robot designed for a world in which humans and robots work together.
I believe YuMi will both open up new applications and provide a step change in the way that robots can be applied within manufacturing.
After a 2011 earthquake in their native Christchurch, New Zealand, they spread apart, starting Yumi Zouma partly as a way to keep in touch.
ABB says YuMi can operate in very close collaboration with humans.
American soprano Merrycarol Yumi Wada is from one of New England's treasured musical families.
While Charlie and New Guy try out extravagant new flirting tricks, Rachel's chances with a dreamy yoga instructor are scuppered thanks to Yumi in Young Dreams.
Ken Hoshino (1), Miho Kitaura (2), Takeshi Sakata (2), Koji Nakamori (2), Daiki Kuraoka (2), Shu Suzuki (3), Gemmei Iizuka (3), Natsumi Hara (4), Yumi Nishimura (5), Yasutaka Mori (6), Yuka Akagi (7), Kiyomi Yasuda (8), Natsuki Osuka (9), Hiroya Fujii (10), Akihito Morifuji (11), Naoto Ozaki (12)