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YUPYale University Press
YUPYoung Urban Professionals
YUPYhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit (band)
YUPYour Universal Phone (software)
YUPYellow Unicycle Project (Austin, TX)
YUPYoung Underwater Photographers (internet community; UK)
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The portal if worked successfully in the winter games, may be extended post Olympics for mutual benefits of the member agencies, Yoo Chang Yup informed.
What I found was The Yup standing on a long board supported by two eight-foot stepladders in the middle of his backyard.
Yup, the handsome Welsh actor has been cast as a man who is left to bring up his young son after his wife leaves him in the BBC adaptation of Tony Parsons' novel Man and Boy.
When he had said what he wanted to say, he was likely to break off the conversation, recalls Gladstone: "He would say 'yup, yup, yup,' and then suddenly, 'okeydokey, bye-bye' and hang up.
Lot 1 - "Measurement Services for business customers domestic and non-domestic services designed for small and metrological laboratory", Lot 2 - services retail electricity meter reading (non-household residential customers and small scales energy meters) " Division into lots Yup
Yup, it's one of those snazzy dreamer volumes loaded with escapist interiors that are all about embracing the great outdoors, fusing it with comfort and giving it a huge dash of flair and elegance.
Once he says time s up , the sparring must stop," peace mediator and jade tycoon Yup Zau Hkawng told AFP in an interview in late May.
Beyonce End of Time THE militia-beat, the sparse synth stabs, yup Beyonce is back with one of the highlights from current album 4.
I'm the wife of Harvey Meeker, the man you and your friends call The Yup.
Yup, the nerds of our best universities rolled dice and moved little soldiers around boards like the honour of their colleges depended on it in the inaugural colours boardgaming tournament.
Yup, that hobby that your mum and dad always said was so much fun and meant you had to trail round dusty old churches for what felt like days with nothing but a wax crayon and a sheet of lining paper for excitement, is supposed to woo the kidz.
Before the pig named, yup, Bacon was to be auctioned to a slaughterhouse, Leonor took a stand before Coral Reef High's school board in Miami and told them why she thought Bacon's life should be spared.