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YURYugoslavia Reformed Dinar (national currency since 1992; replaced by October Dinar 1993)
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During bad cyclical conditions, the 'discouraged worker hypothesis' explains why YUR may not increase to a great extent because of temporarily falling participation rates; young people in particular may decide to remain in, or even return to, education during recessions (Kelly et al.
Three of them have to do with level of unemployment reflected by the traditional YUR or the more innovative NEET rate.
Moreover, the YUR of men reacts more strongly to changes in GDP because males are predominantly employed in more cyclical sectors than are females.
Among the macroeconomic determinants, GDP and inflation have negative and significant coefficients, which can be interpreted in line with Okun's Law and the Phillips' Curve literature, although in this paper the relationship is with YUR and not with the TUR.
There is also a comparison with YUR and overall unemployment rates.
Many authors argue that the size of the group of 'youth left behind' can be better proxied by the NEET indicator than by YUR (eg, O'Higgins, 2011; Scarpetta et al, 2010).
With respect to the impact of the crisis on young people, the economic crisis abruptly ended the gradual decline in global YUR that was recorded during the 2002-2007 period (ILO, 2012).
YUR is more sensitive to the business cycle than are adult UR (see Choudhry et al, 2012).
In our econometric investigation, we wish to assess the dynamics of NEET and YUR in the EU regions by focusing on changes that occurred during the recent crisis period.
YUR A WORSE NEB THAN MA MAW: Please desist from sticking your nose into my affairs.
MIX YUR MOGGANS WITH: Have sexual intercourse with.
HA'E YUR COAT KILTED: What happens after one mixes one's moggans with someone - one ends up preggers.