YVFWCYakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (Washington)
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That's why Olivares and his colleagues at the Toppenish-based YVFWC, which encompasses 26 outpatient care sites, 1,400 staff, and 95 physicians and allied health professionals (52 physicians and 43 nurse practitioners and physician assistants; in addition, about 100 behavioral therapists are on staff), have had to create invention out of necessity, in order to optimally care for their hardworking, underprivileged population.
based Arcadia Healthcare Solutions), resulting in the freeing-up of time and intellectual energy on the part of senior YVFWC leaders to focus on IT and data strategy instead of core system maintenance.
In other words, the opportunities abound to increase their patient base, but those opportunities are constrained by the fact that the vast majority of new patients YVFWC might attract will be Medicaid enrollees or potential Medicaid enrollees, and nearly all of those will be in Medicaid managed care, one of the most resource-limited populations to care for.