YWCYouth for Water and Climate
YWCYouth for Western Civilization (political group)
YWCYes We Can
YWCYouTube Wrestling Community
YWCYes We Care (various organizations)
YWCYou Will See
YWCYouth Workers Connection (Chicago, IL)
YWCYouth World Championships (sports)
YWCYes We Canberra (TV show)
YWCYing Wa College (Hong Kong)
YWCYou're Welcome (Internet slang; more commonly seen as YW)
YWCYoung Women's Conference
YWCYellow Woods Challenge (recycling; UK)
YWCYoung Writers' Circle
YWCYale Women's Crew (rowing team established 1972)
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I'm sure supporters will understand the need for confidentiality around aspects of any future moves, but by signing up to YWC they are potentially helping reclaim their club.
The YWC issued a statement, saying five women were killed since the beginning of Afghan solar year, including three in western Herat, the fourth killed by her husband in Khost and the fifth was sentenced to death by a tribal court in Paktia province.
We would stage more protests if the violators are not punished," said Zahra Israfil, an YWC member.
Now MTN is our second step connection worldwide and we must cooperate with 150 countries where MTN is operating" said YWC commissioner.
Under the agreement, e1/411,810 million will be allocated for maintaining, operating and improving the infrastructure of YWC, with a e1/44,320 million grant from the German development Bank and a e1/4900,000 grant from the German Study and Expert Fund.