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YAANYouth Against AIDS Network
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Many new panda mums struggle to cope with raising their young, due to never having witnessed mothering techniques and as twins are a rare occurrence, staff at China's Great Panda Research and Protection Centre in Yaan are handrearing one of the cubs to give them the greatest chance of survival.
This close connection between the state of a person's mind and his or her ability to dance is also evidenced in an expression that is used to rebuke or direct another to focus his or her attention exclusively on the task at hand: Mu taey fanam ii yaan riiy
18) This generic existential predicate is ay in Tzeltal (25) and yaan in Yucatec (26):
As Ruth and I left China in the spring of 1951, we were delayed three months in a small room above a tea shop in the city of Yaan, Sichuan.
Fergie made an official complaint to the FA after discovering his players were injected by sports health guru Dr Yaan Rougier at the World Cup in the summer.
20) Degree achievement stem luub 'fall' incorporating universal quantifier Yaan nukuch oox=o': h=luub-laah-ih.