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YABAYoung American Bowling Alliance (formerly American Junior Bowling Congress)
YABAYet Another Bloody Acronym
YABAYoung Alumni of the Bay Area
YABAYoung Adult Buddhist Association
YABAYacht Architects and Brokers Association
YABAYoung American Bowling Association
YABAYouth Against Bullying Association (Canada)
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We took a simple approach, creating a friendly and modern logo design, giving YABA a more confident and professional look.
As a consumer focused company, we have been able to achieve this in Ikeja, Kaduna and Abuja, and are delighted to be replicating the same in the heart of Lagos metropolis in Yaba.
If such vigilance is effective, whether at Yaba or at the other two university cases, it might in part explain why the frequency of building fires per capita has declined since 1983.
Margaret Kudi Ladipo, Rector of Yaba College of Technology.
There is no direct evidence that corruption in law enforcement agencies is hampering the country's drug interdiction efforts in targeting significant precursor chemicals or yaba traffickers.
Thousands of people gathered outside Labour house, in Yaba, the downtown market area of Lagos, waving union flags, from where they started marching and shouting "solidarity forever", closely watched by armed police in riot gear.
Minister Shami visited the Lebanese Community School in Yaba region, which was commissioned in 1964 by the Lebanese embassy with classes ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade.
42) In the 1960s, Yaba Lunatic Asylum became Yaba Mental Hospital and started treatment using orthodox medicine and therapy.
Narcotic substances such as heroin, speed and the amphetamine named yaba are smuggled into Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland from Myanmar and the money that is earned from this illegal trade is used by Burmese insurgent groups to acquire arms and ammunition.
Having been exposed to the lifestyle in Thailand he was rather seduced by it and became a member of the ex-pat community where he lived and began to experiment with the local drug, yaba.