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Yahoo Mail reportedly has about 275 million users, according to the legal filing.
Those 45 to 64 picked Yahoo Mail, perhaps because it has been around the longest of the three and they're most familiar with it.
representatives responded to e-mails from Computerworld seeking confirmation that their Gmail and Yahoo Mail services were targeted by phishers, or answers to questions about how many accounts had been compromised and what the firms are doing to help users.
A[cedilla] Yahoo's free Yahoo Mail needs to go on a diet.
That means a much tighter integration of Yahoo's Instant Messenger, Yahoo Mail and any other Yahoo service, a Yahoo spokeswoman said.
Internet company Yahoo Inc has revealed it is combining its e-mail and instant messaging tools in its free Yahoo Mail program, which has 250m active monthly users.
The worm, written in JavaScript, tried to send itself to other Yahoo Mail contacts.
The co-branded Norton Internet Security product will be marketed by Yahoo and Symantec through the Yahoo network, which incorporates online services such as Yahoo Search, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Toolbar.
Payzant banned the district-wide access to Yahoo Mail, MSN Hotmail and other personal e-mail accounts that could not be monitored.
The worm lurks in the background waiting for users to enter either "Priston Tale" or the Yahoo mail system, and then begins capturing keypresses including usernames and passwords.
Q MY Yahoo Mail account lets me block addresses I don't want to receive from, but it doesn't work very well as spam mailers just change their address.
JJ's Cybernet Cafe based in Swansea Council's T Waunarlwydd is competing in the 'most unusual location' category at the Yahoo Mail Internet Cafe Awards which will be announced on September 1.