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In the millennia since the words of the Old Testament were recorded, there have been many saints, prophets, messiahs, and other charlatans who have sought to clarify the will of Yahweh, but it is more than fair to say that within the vast majority of sects and branches of Yahwism, there is no suggestion that, Yahweh has changed his mind about any of the proscriptions, commandments, instructions, or morality tales that He and His appointed messengers have set down for us in the foundational texts of the faith.
From this dark and topsy-turvy world, young Leah was led to a harsh life on the streets of Philadelphia, where bloodshed and sexuality had become intermixed in a world equally removed from mainstream society as her life at the Nation of Yahweh had been.
There the creator God, Yahweh himself, took on what had always been a human role and made covenant with people (while not abandoning the role of enforcer).
1) Devout Jews already from ancient days developed the custom of not speaking, or even writing, the proper name of God, Yahweh, out of respect.
By applying the indigenous Afrikan cosmological framework to an investigation of the supreme force in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, it becomes immediately apparent that Yahweh shares none of the characteristics of The God in indigenous Afrikan cosmology, but he does share most of the characteristics of the divinities--except with respect to moral character, a matter in which the differences become enormous.
Beyond Yahweh and Jesus: Bringing Death's Wisdom to Faith, Spirituality, and Psychoanalysis is an extensive psychoanalytic study of the Old and New Testaments.
This revealing of God is so important in the story that Abraham memorializes the teaching by naming the mountain Yahweh yir'eh--the Lord provides (Gen.
Of course, the deity doing the blessing is less likely to be Yahweh than Gukumatz, traditional Toltec god of culture, agriculture and opening weekend grosses.
But Yahweh just smiled, And gently assured: 'One day you'll be him, 'Or I'm not the Lord.
religious sect House Of Yahweh, which predicted the end of the world in a nuclear holocaust on Tuesday, moved into underground bunkers on Wednesday despite not a lot happening.
Jesus and Yahweh turns out to be as much about Bloom as it is about the Hebrew and Greek Bibles and their divine protagonists.