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YKSYakutsk, Russia (Airport Code)
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Each chapter focuses one city from around the world that represents a specific global economic trend, such as Erie, Pennsylvania, where a factory uses new methods to build high-efficiency, low-polluting railroad locomotives; Yakutsk, Russia, the coldest major city in the world, which is benefiting from climate change; Shenzhen, China, which has become the fourth largest port in the world; and Leipzig, Germany, which houses the world's largest solar power facility.
Bowring and his colleagues from MIT, Harvard University, and the Yakutian Geoscience Institute in Yakutsk, Russia, report their findings in the Sept.
Last December, the Asian Boxing Confederation cited him as the Best Junior Boxer in Asia for 2016 after his surprise gold-medal triumph in the bantamweight division of the Children of Asia Tournament in Yakutsk, Russia, last July.
Bernaldez lost her bid to win in the 6th Children of Asia International Sports Games in Yakutsk, Russia last month, which featured hundreds of young athletes aged 13-16 years old from 36 countries
Abap's 2014 discovery Criztian Pitt Laurente, 16, of General Santos City, was cited as Best Junior Boxer in Asia for 2016 for his spectacular Gold Medal win in the Children of Asia Tournament held in Yakutsk, Russia last July.