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YANYou Are Nice
YANYouth Action Network
YANYangambi, Zaire (airport code)
YANYoung Alumni Network (George Washington University; alumni group)
YANYale AIDS Network (New Haven, CT)
YANYancey Railroad Company
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Dinnot let the weedur send her lattle boy to yan o' our school-measthers, while there's a harse to hoold in a' Lunnun, or a gootther to lie asleep in.
You'll see where every drop of it comes from, the pure Yan Yean
Chinese author Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012.
Yan expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update such forward-looking statements, except as required by law.
His show Yan Can Cook debuted in 1978, and it immediately took off, introducing Western audiences to Chinese cooking and culture.
Yan said he was grateful as he accepted the annual $10,000 prize Wednesday at Prague's City Hall.
With Demandware's scalable cloud-based platform, Eu Yan Sang launched an ecommerce site in Singapore www.
He appreciated the efforts of YAN in playing a vital role of preaching human rights and peace among young people.
Yan has more than 10 years of supply chain management experience which includes both domestic and international transportation, customs brokerage, customer service and account management.
We love the livestreamers that provide YAN with first-hand reporting and independent journalists whose voices [are] often unheard, but we aren't supporting them the way we should.
It has been linked to severe liver failure, acute pancreatic failure and acute renal (kidney) failure," Yan said.
Beijing :China's Nobel literature winner Mo Yan heads to Sweden Wednesday to collect his award, but he walks a delicate line with the authorities and is likely to avoid mentioning in his speech jailed fellow laureate Liu Xiaobo.