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YANKSYankees (New York baseball team)
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Under the old dim writing of the Yankee historian appeared traces of a penmanship which was older and dimmer still -- Latin words and sentences: fragments from old monk- ish legends, evidently.
The Yankees, the first mechanicians in the world, are engineers-- just as the Italians are musicians and the Germans metaphysicians-- by right of birth.
He came along early, crossing my bean-field, though without anxiety or haste to get to his work, such as Yankees exhibit.
Why, I've seen Kentuckians who hated whiskey, Virginians who weren't descended from Pocahontas, Indianians who hadn't written a novel, Mexicans who didn't wear velvet trousers with silver dollars sewed along the seams, funny Englishmen, spendthrift Yankees, cold-blooded Southerners, narrow- minded Westerners, and New Yorkers who were too busy to stop for an hour on the street to watch a one-armed grocer's clerk do up cranberries in paper bags.
I shall teach you better ways, my dear, better ways than you Yankees know.
Months afterward we got a card from Otto, saying that Jake had been down with mountain fever, but now they were both working in the Yankee Girl Mine, and were doing well.
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This renders us strictly Yankee in our origin, an extraction of which I find all who enjoy it fond of boasting.
Who would have looked for a modern Pygmalion in the person of a Yankee mechanic
The last of a summer sunset clung about Cumnor and the low wooded hills; the romantic Yankee was both doubtful of his road and inquisitive about his surroundings; and seeing the door of a genuine feudal old-country inn, The Champion Arms, standing open, he went in to make inquiries.
The slaves would give the Yankee soldiers food, drink, clothing--anything but that which had been specifically intrusted to their care and honour.
We shall see who is the fool at last," he hissed, "when I have broken you to my will and your plebeian Yankee stubbornness has cost you all that you hold dear--even the life of your baby--for, by the bones of St.