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YWYou're Welcome
YWYoung Women (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints youth program)
YWYoukai Watch (gaming)
YWYearling Weight (livestock)
YWWater Barge (Self-Propelled)
YWYeah, Whatever
YWY-Wing (Star Wars)
YWYoung Writer (writer aged 12 to 22)
YWYoung Wizards (online forum)
YWYreka Western Railroad
YWYottawatt (10^24 watts)
YWYes, Way (response to: no way)
YWYo, Wassup (chat)
YWDistrict Barge, Water (US Navy)
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United, for example, are wearing the V kit to commemorate a century of Old Trafford (opened in 1910) and to pay tribute to the jersey worn in their first FA Cup triumph in 1909 - yeah, whatever.
Yeah, whatever Leo - they probably thought you were the mascot.
and he's watching a match, his reply is likely to be "Yeah, yeah, whatever .