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Another ballooning market is that of the year 2000 bug tool.
According to Mallinger, the CIO has catalogued 100 percent of the company's applications and every time his programmers enter a system for routine maintenance, they check for - and fix - the Year 2000 bug.
CACDS is also helping its members address such technology-related issues as the year 2000 bug and efficient consumer response (ECR).
That is the monster bill that could be faced by Midland firms to stop the year 2000 bug wrecking their businesses.
One second past the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000, the Year 2000 bug could infect anything that contains date-formatted digital technology, including mainframes, personal computers and products that run off hidden computer microchips.
Assessing the overall risks associated with the Year 2000 Bug also means determining whether even the most fundamental equipment, such as elevators, escalators, heating and air conditioning, time clocks and security systems, will function when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999.
A recent alarming survey of top Scots firms showed that only one in eight companies claims to have solved the problem of the Year 2000 bug.
Finally, even if your city uses the Central Office solution where the local telephone company manages a "virtual" switch for city offices, don't assume the telephone company has the Year 2000 bug whipped either.
Sema, which reported strong profits and said it did not foresee customers shelving plans to buy systems in fear of the year 2000 bug, jumped 7p to 697p.
John McCrossan, head of software, said: "In less than 900 days Scottish industry could be in ruins if it fails to take action on the Year 2000 bug.