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YEHAYoung Earth Human Alliance
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Sergeant Simon Yeha confirmed that two officers attended the incident on Saturday and spoke to one woman who was spat at by the youths.
All the major historical sites are covered such as Yeha, Aksum, Lalibela, Gondar and Harar as well as many lesser-known sites.
There are a few affinities between the red wares of Yeha and other Pre-Aksumite sites and the Ona ceramics.
3) Fattovich (1980: 62; 1990: 10) assigns one Ona site from the greater Asmara area, Ona Hachel, to the Pre-Aksumite culture period based on his study of affinities with Yeha and Matara ceramics of that era.
A few `miniature' cups at Yeha are within the size range of these finds: Fattovich 1980: 24, plate 27.
Certain of these earlier sites, including Metera and Kohaito in modern Eritrea and Yeha and Aksum just across the border in northern Ethiopia, have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO -- but their supposed origin as Sabaen colonies established in pre-Islamic times has not previously been questioned.
The tender process to select an operator to manage a new airport at Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq has been joined by 12 overseas companies, including a UAE-based firm, media quoting Governor Yeha Al Nasiri as saying disclosed this.