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YEHAYoung Earth Human Alliance
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Implementing agency : Gyeongsangnam-do Jinju Education Office Yeha Elementary School
Another eyewitness, Yeha Mohammed, reported hearing someone yell, "I have a bomb.
He described many African products and cities, among them the Eritrean port of Adulis through which passed most of the maritime trade of the ancient cities on the mountainous inland plateau, including Kohaito, Metara, Yeha (see NA, Nov 2001), and by the time of his writing also Aksum in northern Ethiopia.
Sergeant Simon Yeha confirmed that two officers attended the incident on Saturday and spoke to one woman who was spat at by the youths.
All the major historical sites are covered such as Yeha, Aksum, Lalibela, Gondar and Harar as well as many lesser-known sites.
Certain of these earlier sites, including Metera and Kohaito in modern Eritrea and Yeha and Aksum just across the border in northern Ethiopia, have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO -- but their supposed origin as Sabaen colonies established in pre-Islamic times has not previously been questioned.