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YOPPYear of Partnered Prayer
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Virginia Yopp - Sustainer Legacy Award, which recognizes a Sustainer for her exemplary work on a League fundraiser.
Yopp Publications (JWY; Roswell, GA) has ceased operations and discontinued the publication of three periodicals, including "Refrigeration," a monthly title launched in 1906 with a controlled circulation of 20,000, and "Alliance," a newer title that combined JWY's "Southern Funeral Director," a quarterly with a controlled circulation of 5,000, and "Southern Cemetery," a quarterly with a controlled circulation of 4,000.
Basic phonological skills have been identified as strong predictors of future reading success (Bradley & Bryant, 1983; Castles & Coltheart, 2004; Fox & Routh, 1976; Liberman, Shankweiler & Liberman, 1989; Mann & Liberman, 1984; Stanovich, Cunningham & Feeman, 1984; 1984; Wagner & Torgeson, 1987; Yopp, 1988) when comparing poor readers with both age and reading level matches.
Reading researchers indicate that poor readers demonstrated extreme difficulty with phonemic awareness tasks such as rhyming, segmenting and blending (Bradley and Bryant 1985; Goswami and Bryant 1990; Yopp and Singer 1985; Goldstein 1974; Roswell and Chall 1997) that are critical to decoding our alphabetic writing system.
com Year established: 1957 Fiscal year: January-December Number of employees: 2,500+ CEO/Pres: Mike McCarty VP, Mktg: Charles Adams VP, Crop Protection and Seed: Milton Allen Dir Proprietary Prods/Bus Dev: Allen Underwood Natl Sales Mgr, Proprietary Prods: Phillip Page Sales Mgr, Crop Protection: Frank Yopp Crop Prod Mktg Mgr: Gary Schmunk Ad/Public Affairs Mgr: Jim Arnold Ag & PR agency: Rawlinson Design
Hoagland, president and CEO; Loyd Tarver, director of business development; Brad Yopp, director of finance; Cris Miller, director of engineering; Norm Hansen, director of operations; Chad Carney, director of marketing communications.
CANESSA YOPP, former sales manager of Mastercraft International, has joined Lowe's lighting department as merchandiser, reporting to Jim Broughman, merchandise director.
1997; Yopp, 1988), and that the phonological awareness skills of phonemic segmentation and phonemic blending are necessary prerequisites for success in learning to read (Ball & Blachman, 1988, 1991; Davidson & Jenkins, 1994; Fox & Routh, 1984; O'Connor, Jenkins, & Slocum, 1995; Torgesen, Morgan, & Davis, 1992).
Marching along with the men, drummer Bill Yopp kept up a smart, inspiring beat that lifted the men's hearts and kept their feet moving strongly.
In addition to more common practices, such as teaching portfolios, classroom observations, and teacher concern surveys, Yopp and Young present the concept of individual induction plans.
YOPP & SWEENEY, PLC (615) 313-3300 (615) 313-3310 FAX 414 Union Street, Suite 1100, Nashville, TN 37219 E-Mail: mfolks@tys.