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and all my life is enchained to yours, and all my heart is yours forever.
Once you earn their trust, they are yours forever and will have you back once a month.
There is a world between here and there, the sport is yours forever, and the rest of the world--be it Indonesia, South East France or North Africa--is following America.
Some people say that if you get to a child in his formative years, he's yours forever.
When you have made up a password and user name and, as long as no-one else has them, they will be yours forever.
You take them in, give them some food, and they're yours forever.
If they come back to you they're yours forever and if they don't, they weren't yours to begin with.
I will never stop loving you, yours forever, Maud X.
The Million Dollar Home Page was simple: buy a tiny square of space for a fixed fee, and it would be yours forever.
And Mr Cameron replied: "At the moment we have a system very much where, if you get a council house or an affordable house, it is yours forever and in some cases people actually hand them down to their children.
If you can bear the cringe factor then you and your beloved will forever be linked and the keys to each others' hearts will be yours forever.