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YUAYou're Under Arrest (Japanese anime)
YUAYoung Urban Achievers
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early 1970, file "The City Is for People Day, 1970,' box 1975-013/002, F0417, SSSOCCC, YUA.
Paul Reinhart, poem presented to the Metropolitan Toronto Transportation Committee, 10 April 1970, file "Poems and Songs Concernirg the Scadina Expressway," box 1975-013/007, F0417, SSSOCCC, YUA.
Construction Conditions: The project locates in the west side of Chuang ye road of Wen an industrial park, between Xin yua road and Sheng yuan road.
The boy, then in his first year at a Tokyo public high school, stabbed Yua Koyama, 15, in the head, neck and other parts with a kitchen knife in the evening of Nov.
Gavrilovskaya IN, Apekina NS, Myasnikov YuA, Bemshtein AD, Ryltseva EV, Gorbachkova EA, et al.
Archeologists unearthed the royal tombs of Yua and Tua in Egypt.
The boy basically admitted to killing Yua Koyama during a juvenile trial that began Dec.
The prosecutors believe the boy, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, killed Yua by stabbing her 50 times at her home in Machida in western Tokyo on Nov.
The four strains were related to the phylogenetic group B2 and produced the iutA (ferric aerobactin receptor), YuA (Yersinia siderophore receptor), and film (type 1 fimbriae) virulence lactors (8).
As a special incentive to frequent fliers to use United's new flights, the airline will offer double miles to passengers traveling in these markets on certain unrestricted full fares (FUA, AUA, YUA and BUA) between Jan.
The boy, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, has admitted to stabbing to death Yua Koyama, who was a first-year student at the high school, they said.
He was also quoted as saying he ''searched for a kitchen knife in the kitchen, and attacked Yua whom I found to be in the living room.