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YUDYugoslav (Hard) Dinar (national currency since 1966; replaced by New Dinar 1990)
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As Sid, 67, his favourite Geordie phrase is 'if patter was watter yud be drowned', otherwise known as 'if talk was water you would drown yourself'.
And the tenth letter, the little yud complains to the Almighty, how come I'm so tiny, while all other letters are so big?
Engineer Yud Ren Chen's "machine vision" system deters visible and near-infrared light by reading their signature wavelengths--red having the longest wave length and violet the shortest.
Clark CG, Kravetz AN, Alekseenko VV, Krendelev YuD, Johnson WM.
House specialty is peek gai yud sai (chicken wings stuffed with pork, cabbage, celery, and onions).