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YULAYeshiva University High School of Los Angeles (California)
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Liverpool's YULA Drama School is run by drama teacher and actress Sherril Parsons.
8) Yula Petrovskaya, "Russia Is a Collateral Victim of Terror in the Middle East," Nezavisimava Gazeta, Oct.
Entre ellas se destacan Renee Ferrer (1944), Raquel Saguier (1940-2007), Edda de los Rios (1942-2007), Yula Riquelme de Molinas (1942-2002) y Karlik, que actualmente reside en Chile.
Once home, Juba is given the day- or nick-name Yula.
YULA is an orthodox Jewish school, with old-world edicts and a duty to faith that some might view as outdated.
Yula Davis, Nira, 1997, Gender and Nation, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA.
On November 25 (Circle 6 on map) the Chinese Army entered North Korea and pushed UN forces back from the Yula River.
Yula, a two-year-old Staffordshire terrier, can apparently say its owners' names and ask for its dinner.
She had the soft hands and the melodious voice that reminded me of the mezzo-soprano timbre of my cousin Yula.
Steve Yula, "New Financial Assurance Requirements for Closure and Post-Closure of Municipal Landfills: Impact on Disposal Costs," XL Environmental, <http://www.
Other members of the family came too, Aunt Anya, Cousin Sascha, Cousin Yula, and others.
Herman Yula Schwartz & Lagomarsino of Parsippany, New Jersey, takes marketing very seriously, and its Web site is a serious, well-planned marketing tool.