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Z80Zilog Z80 8-bit microprocessor chip
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The average thickness of UF samples was higher than in UY and Z80 samples.
Reinaldo Azevedo of Z80 Software, +1-718-359-2416, or fax, +1-718-732-2205
CMX-MicroNet supports more 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors than any other existing solution, including full support for all derivatives of the 8051, the Atmel AVR, Hitachi's H8S/300H and H8S/2000, the Infineon 80C16x, the STMicroelectronics ST10, and most recently, the Microchip PIC18CXXX, the Mitsubishi M16C, the Philips 8051-XA, and ZiLOG's Z80, Z180, and eZ80 series of processors.
This is due to its reliance upon arithmetic operations, which the Z80 can off-load to the coprocessor.
Zilog says it hopes the new architecture will unify the currently highly fragmented Z80 market through a new "Zilog Certified" standard based around the eZ80.
Data concentrators, each with a dedicated Z80 microprocessor and 64 kilobytes of memory, are available for interfacing with lab instruments.
Project telephones have been connected to a Cambridge ring using a simple, inexpensive interface based on a Z80 microprocessor.
Zilog established itself, more than thirty five years ago, as a supplier of its classic cores the Z80, the Z8 and the Z16 MCU's, for a variety of applications.
Both standard and Rim System DVX glasses meet stringent ANSI Z87 High Velocity and High Mass Impact ratings, as well as ANSI Z87 and ANSI Z80 optical requirements for 100% UV protection, clarity and light transmission.
In the 8/8 category are such microcomputers as the Apple II and Radio Shack models I through IV, which use the 6502 and Z80 microprocessors, respectively.
There is no documented incident where anyone has ever manufactured a fake AVC (Advantage) Z80 chip containing fraudulent firmware.