ZAMGZentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (German: Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics)
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We thank all the supporters of the ESSL Testbed, specifically DWD colleagues Dirk Heizenreder, Paul James, Thomas Hengstebeck, Michael Buchhold, Detlev Majewski, Marcus Paulat, and Kathrin Wapler; ZAMG colleagues Andreas Schaffhauser, Thomas Krennert, Yong Wang, Erich Steiner, and Michael Staudinger; as well as Marco Arpagaus and Andre Walser of MeteoSwiss; Aki Lilja of Vaisala; and Wolfgang Schulz from EUCLID.
In just a few days, Austria has experienced as much rain as it normally would in two months during this season, ZAMG added.
arrangements will be developed in the first attachment of a ZAMG meteorologist
The vector computer incorporates two nodes, each featuring eight processors and connected via two high-speed switches developed by NEC, and is expected to save ZAMG significant costs on power and cooling within the next five years.
According to ZAMG, the computer's higher model resolution and improved forecasting of extreme weather establishes a platform from which measures can be taken to reduce human casualties and property damage.
2015) were realized within and above the Inn valley During a period of about 2 months around the days scheduled for flight operations, site CS-VFO was equipped with a sodar (METEK PCS-2000-24/LP) on loan from ZAMG.
eu/; ZAMG 2016, see October monthly anomalies; Online Fig.
We also thank the Austrian national meteorological service, ZAMG, for its cooperation and operational intercomparison data from its station network.