ZANISZambia News and Information Services
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Le directeur de ZANIS a exprime son espoir que le gouvernement soudanais soutient l'accord entre les deux agences de presse jusqu'a la realisation des objectifs necessaires a l'echange d'informations sur les opportunites d'investissement a l'interieur du continent africain.
Il est a mentionner que cette visite a pour but de reactiver l'accord signe entre SUNA et ZANIS et renforcer l'echange d'informations entre les deux pays et faciliter les echanges entre les responsables des deux agences.
Mr Kasoko told ZANIS with the rehabilitation work nearing completion, it will provide various opportunities for the farming community in the area to learn better farming skills.
It is to be mentioned that this visit aims for reactivating the signed agreement between SUNA and ZANIS and boosting the information exchange between the two countries and exchange visits with officials of the two agencies.
The General Manager of SUNA, Awad Jadain, said the visit of ZANIS Director comes as part of the agreement which was signed by the two news agencies for reactivation of the news and information exchange, expanding the scope of partnership between the African news agencies vertically and horizontally, enhancing SUNA capability in contact with the African media and peoples, bolstering the role of the African news agencies in informing about Africa and confronting the hostile foreign campaigns aimed for distorting Africa image and increasing the concern of the African media and education institutions with the African affairs.
She hoped that the agreement will be a step for furher cooperation in the media field between all the African countries, referring to the importance of bolstering the ties between SUNA and ZANIS for the interest of peoples of the two countries.
Meanwhile, ZANIS Director has called for linking Zambia and Sudan through joint projects, especially in the information field, hoping that his visit to Sudan would widen aspects of the cooperation between the two countries.