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ZANUZimbabwe African National Union
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Arrighi described ZANU in the 1960s as a 'faction of educated, middle class, rather elitist elements'.
This rhetoric is best evinced by the brutal quashing of the ZIPPA movement which consisted of radical Marxist young Turks who wanted to overthrow the ZANU old guard for its 'lack of ideological clarity'.
O proprio Primeiro Ministro sofreu abusos de autoridade--um de seus veiculos foi impedido de entrar em uma reuniao do governo com uma delegacao da Coreia do Norte este mes--e admitiu, consciente do impasse em que se encontra o governo inclusivo, que ha relutancia por parte de membros do ZANU em aceitar os participantes do MDC no governo e as mudancas necessarias.
Recently, the claim of widespread and cooperative mass support for ZANU has been questioned by a revisionist view that argues that peasant activities that further the guerrilla struggle were often the result of coercion or non-nationalistic group interest.
Although it may not have always used socialism to mobilize the peasants, ZANU conceived of itself as a socialist organization.
Though ZANU resulted from a split within ZAPU, it went on to become the strongest force among the majority Shona people, who make up 75% of Zimbabwe's population.
Overall, ZANU encompassed a rhetorical commitment to radical socialism while formulating actual policies of reconciliation and gradualism.
It seems that die ruling bloc within ZANU did not consider working-class democracy to be essential to die transition to socialism.
Thus, ZANU had little prior practical experience with socialist forms of organization.
Senior ZANU PF and CIO officials have been connected with Sakunda for years, and the firm has long been alleged of supporting the party's political and financial aims.
However, that arrangement was in January reversed by ZANU PF Agriculture Minister Joseph Made, in spite of countless Zimbabweans still facing starvation.
Many companies have and continue to fund ZANU PF routinely as with the Meikles group in 2012 donating vehicles to the party allegedly in return for receiving a diamond mining licence according to "Chequebook politics erode democracy", Zimbabwe Independent, 15-21 February 2013.