ZANU-PFZimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front
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This is because Mnangagwa lacks broad political support and because Mujuru has grass-roots popularity among ZANU-PF supporters.
Despite his advanced years and rumours of cancer, Mugabe is running unchallenged as ZANU-PF leader.
Already, with an MDC minister of energy having been succeeded by a ZANU-PF minister, electric power supplies have begun to fade, presumably because of incompetence and corruption.
7 percent, extending Monday's 11 percent slide, as investors on the $5 billion Harare bourse digested the extent of the ZANU-PF win, which puts it in position to enact laws and change the constitution at will.
The stock market slump is the clearest sign yet of how jittery the business community is about ZANU-PF, whose economic policy platform centres on the "indigenisation" of foreign-owned companies - essentially forcing them to cede majority control to local blacks.
ZANU-PF and its allies in the army and police went into over-drive, killing or 'disappearing' hundreds of MDC members, and Tsvangirai pulled out of the second round of the election.
Previous such challenges have been turned down by the 89 year old ZANU-PF presidential candidate.
In Mbare, the oldest township in the capital that has witnessed clashes between ZANU-PF and MDC supporters in the past, more than 100 people filed patiently into a polling station.
The highlight of the event like any other birthday was the cake, which was in the shape of the ZANU-PF building.
Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF refused to recognize the results of the election and punished those who opposed him.
ZANU-PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo said that every Zimbabwean is called to attend the anti-sanctions campaign launch.
His only new lever might be to warn Mugabe and his people that the new emerging power in South Africa - ANC leader Jacob Zuma is far less inclined to protect ZANU-PF not least because as a popular trade union leader, his many supporters are angry at the way Mugabe has crushed union opponents in Zimbabwe.