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ZAPAZimbabwe AIDS Policy and Advocacy (Futures Group International)
ZAPAZoning and Planning Associates (Colorado)
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In this scenario, a single ZAPA TAG would access separate branded wallets on the customer's mobile display, showing loyalty points accrued from each retailer.
Prvy kratky zaznamovy dotaznik bol zamerany na zistenie zakladnych Charakteristik respondentov--pohlavie, lokalita odkial pochadzaju, v akej velkej skupine prisli na zapas a kolko zapasov navstivili.
Aleksey Levinson, "War, Wars, about the War" ("Voyna, voyny, o voyne'"), Neprikosnovenny Zapas (Reserve Stock.
Based on the experimental tests, such as monotonic tension/compression, creep and stress relaxation tests, plenty of constitutive models have been developed for describing the monotonic deformation of polymeric materials, as done by Schapery [8, 9], Zapas and Crissman [10], Hasan and Boyce [11], Drozdov and Kalamkarov [12], Bardenhagen et al.
See also Mark Lipovetsky, "Semnadtsat' mgnovenii vesny v svete nashego opyta," Neprikosnovennyi zapas 53, 3 (2007).
8] used integral constitutive equations of the Kaye-Bernstein, Kearsley and Zapas type (KBKZ) for the description of viscoelasticity.
Feigl and Ottinger [10] have simulated the axisymmetric contraction flow of an LDPE melt using a multimode Rivlin-Sawyers integral constitutive model, which is a special case of the Kaye-Bernstein, Kearsley, Zapas (K-BKZ) model.
Sui and McKenna [7] cited a correction necessary for any constitutive modeling of G(t,[gamma]) originally put forward by Zapas and Craft [18] to correct for the imperfect strain history that arose from the finite rise time