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ZAPUZimbabwe African People's Union
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En 1976, bajo presiones internacionales, sobre todo de gobiernos africanos, la ZAPU (bajo el liderazgo de Joshua Nkomo) y la ZANU acordaron una plataforma de colaboracion, que nunca fue completa, denominada Frente Patriotico, cuyas siglas en ingles, PF, fueron agregadas a su nombre original.
A friend of his had told him about a ZAPU rally that was to be held in the African township of Mbare and he agreed to attend: According to Dizha,
More importantly, government security officials discovered large caches of arms and ammunition on properties owned by ZAPU, and Nkomo and his followers were accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe's government.
No ambito interno, o embora os novos lideres do ZAPU ainda nao foram eleitos, sua reestruturacao como um partido de oposicao com ampla base de apoio representa um passo importante no desenvolvimento da democracia no pais.
In addition, tension between ZANU and ZAPU reduced the influence of the communist patrons.
The first free elections in 1980 saw a convincing win by Robert Mugabe's ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) and Joshua Nkomo's ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People's Union).
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White Rhodesians and the West were stunned at how much black voter support Mugabe garnered in the April 1980 election (62 percent, with ZAPU getting 24 percent, and the collaborating black party just 8 percent, with turnout at 95 percent).
To be sure, the rivalry between the ANC and IFP over tactics and strategy during the liberation struggle has given way to a post-minority rule `war of succession' in Kwazulu-Natal which matches the post-independence split between ZANU and ZAPU.
For nearly two decades, a bloody war raged between the government of Rhodesia and two sometimes allied groups of freedom fighters, ZAPU (Zimbabwe African People's Union) and ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union).
Coming from the ZAPU side of Zanu-PF, Mpofu is one of the earliest Zipra guerrillas to be traineed in the 1960s.