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ZARDZambia Association for Research and Development (Zambia)
ZARDz-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa (German newsgroup)
ZARDz-netz.alt.rollenspiele.dsa (newsgroup)
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Zard came to realize the potential for a range of homeware products using Blatt Chaya's traditional manufacturing techniques.
Our analysis of ghr retrieved three new sequences (one from Zard Kuh and two from Binaloud Mts.
Tea, bread, cheese, fresh vegetables, Zulbia and Bamia (two traditional Persian sweets coated in sugar syrup), Halva, Sholeh Zard (a sweet Iranian dessert made of rice, sugar, and saffron), Ash Reshteh, and Haleem as well as various kinds of soups are commonly served during Iftar time.
Afridi has officially hit cricket's second and third longest sixes (158m and 160m), so he will no doubt be looking to take No 1 spot back from Afghanistan's Zard Ali.
Third case is against Zard Ali Khan, Chief Engineer (BS-20) C and W Department, Peshawar.
The artistic and creative teams of "Manhid: The Pinoy Superhero Musical" are led by Paul Alexander Morales (Director and Choreographer), Alden Lugnasin (Choreographer), Francis de Veyra (Music Director), Zard Eguia (Set Designer), Victor Ursabia (Costume Designer), Roman Cruz (Lighting Designer), William Moraga (PreProduction Designer) and the Radioactive Sago Project (Live Band).
be khaneh dar amad jahandideh mard yeki pust ahu bar-avard zard 644.
Another effort, Zard, has been created by State Employees' Credit Union in North Carolina.
Dinner in Persia," taught by Elina Alinezhad, features Spinach Koo Koo (crispy appetizer); Fesenjoon (chicken and walnut stew); and Shol E Zard (pudding).
Syed Sarwar Hussaini, a police spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News that security forces had captured landmines and an explosives-laden barrel during the operation in Zard Kamar, Chahar Toot and Hussainkhel areas.