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ZARMZentrum für Angewandte Raumfahrttechnologie und Mikrogravitation (German: Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity)
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The ZARM product will help give farmers peace of mind.
The ZARM product is available to corn and soybean producers in six states-Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio.
ZARM is designed to help farmers post strong revenue results, guarantee collateral for agricultural lenders, and maintain the independence of farm managers.
During weightlessness, explains ZARM project engineer Christian Eigenbord, "we have only one dimension--the radius of the droplet--which makes it simpler for studying spraying.
The ZARM product is available to corn and soybean producers in six states - Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Ohio.
The team will test the material this week in an environment that mimics the conditions in space: the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen (Germany).
Exchanging views with the delegation of European Journalists representing print and electronic media headed by Christian Zarm President of Deutscher Presse Verband (DPV), accompanied by Robin Ruehling, Ingo Hasewend, Christian Zarm, Arne Perras, Sueddeutsche, Karl Heinz Roghofer and Shams ul Haq during their visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry apprised that prevailing state of affairs demands immediate economic reforms which are crucial for sustainable economic growth, industrialization and uplift the economy.
German Press and Journalists Federation (DPV) President Christian Zarm, who was heading the delegation, mentioned establishing a media institution in Islamabad for professional training of journalists and technical staff.
President of German Press and Journalists Federation, Dr Christian Zarm eulogizing the efforts of Pakistani government being made to uproot terrorism said that there existed many misperceptions about Pakistan in Europe that needed to be cleared.
SHOULDER ZARMS Rebel TRUCK STOP J Victory in Tripoli