ZECZimbabwe Electoral Commission
ZECZona Especial Canaria (Spanish: Canary Islands Special Zone)
ZECZone d'Exploitation Contrôlée (French: Controlled Harvesting Zones; Quebec, Canada)
ZECZero Entry Cost (banking)
ZECZenith Electronics Corporation
ZECZinc Electrochemical Cell
ZECZèbres en Cavale (French: Zebras in Cavale; blog)
ZECZone d'Expressions Coopératives (French: Area Co-Expression; website)
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ZEC officials could not say when final results will be announced.
Y por ultimo, en un plazo maximo de seis anos tras la seleccion de un emplazamiento como lugar de importancia comunitaria (lic), el estado miembro interesado designa el lugar como ZEC.
The ZEC and the RG remained the two bodies responsible for conducting the poll for the harmonized elections of 2013.
It is interesting to note that in recent rounds of multiparty elections there has been an outcry from the opposition parties, academics and election observers that ZEC is not independent.
The decision was taken to withhold the presidential election results, with sources in the ZEC saying that Mugabe had thwarted the release of the presidential election result to enable the regime to manufacture a more acceptable outcome.
The use of the name 'Catholic' is meant to mislead the members of the public," ZEC communications director, Rev.
THE EUROPEAN Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is planning to lend up to Euro 55 million to Poland's Dalkia Polska to help finance its acquisition of ZEC Lodz, a district heating and cogeneration utility for the Polish city of Lodz.
A full range of ZEC surface preparation discs is stocked in grit sizes from 10 to 320, which can be used for facing concrete and shuttering, removing hard cement and epoxy coatings, finishing granite, sandstone, terrazzo and marble, sanding render, brick work and masonry, preparing GRP and marine exteriors.
The incentives for firms to set up actual businesses in the ZEC are expected to promote the development of production infrastructure: there must be a minimum productive investment of Euro 100,000 and the net creation of at least five jobs per company, in specified types of business activity.
tax reform, strong utility growth, a full-year of ZEC programs in New York and Illinois, and recognition of Illinois ZEC revenue from 2017.
The introduction of GNU five years ago saw the ruling CCM and the main rival opposition party--the Civic United Front (CUF)--forming the government but CUF boycotted the re-run polls claiming that it won the October 25 elections which were annulled by ZEC chairman Jecha Salim Jecha on what he described as massive irregularities.