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ZEMZero Emission Machines (personal vehicles)
ZEMZentrale Einrichtung Medien (German: Central Facility for Media)
ZEMZero Effort Miss
ZEMZone Expansion Module
ZEMZone Experience Modifier (video game)
ZEMZero Emission Motorcycle
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Das ri', I'm damn goo' f'ler an' w'en anyone trea's me ri', I treats zem ri'
Much of the storyline takes place on The World Islands, where Zem lives.
ER nursing aide Gilles Lellouche (above) is on the run from cops more crooked than the Braquo squad after his pregnant wife Elena Anaya is kidnapped by men working for injured criminal Roschdy Zem.
Le premier plan de transport, qui s'etale du 15 juin au 8 juillet prochain, a deja ete mis en place et porte sur une amelioration de l'offre sur la ligne Casablanca-Khouribga-Oued Zem avec six trains par jour, une nouvelle desserte entre Beni-Mellal et Khouribga par des autocars qui seront mis en correspondance avec les trains en partance ou a l'arrivee a cette derniere gare, le renforcement de l'offre par l'ajout d'un train entre Fes et Casablanca, de deux trains de nuit entre Tanger et Oujda et de quatre trains entre Tanger et Ksar Sghir.
ANGST: Tony Mowbray on Saturday Picture by IAN COOPER BLOW: Boro go 1-0 down as Hogan Ephraim scores for strugglers Bristol City on Saturday HAL Righ Jutk brou dow outs LTED: ht, Lukas kiewicz is ught wn just side the while, box left, Mer Zem take ouane mmama es charge Pictures by AN COOPER IA LEAPING INTO ACTION: Bart Ogbeche peps it up against Bristol Picture by IAN COOPER FLICK ON: Right, Lukas Jutkiewicz tries to step it up Picture by IAN COOPER
Omar Killed Me - Omar Killed Me is a 2011 drama film directed by Roschdy Zem.
The movie's director, Moroccan Roschdy Zem, was awarded the "Best Arab Narrative Filmmaker" prize, which carries a bonus of $50,000 dollars.
Rania Stephan, director of The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni (Ikhtifa'aat Hosni Alt-Thalathat), and Roschdy Zem, director of Omar Killed Me (Omar M'a Tuer) took the prizes for Best Documentary and Best Narrative Director.
Two Indian mustard lines, AC# 2181 and AC# 2182 and the German mustard line Zem, clustered together and they were genetically distinct from mustard germplasm collection of Sri Lanka.
Unlike its predecessor, World War II was also a war of movement, and one which offered opportunities for individual achievement, both in the air in the cockpit of the fighter plane, as described in Tom Neill's Battle of Britain memoir Gun Button to Fire--as Hynes notes, bombers were different, here it was again a question of taking it--and on the ground, as in tank war in the desert described by the poet Keith Douglas in Alamein to Zem Zem.
Having been talked into a size smaller than I usually wear when I bought a similar pair of six-inch high Christian Louboutins - "Victoria Beckham wears zem like zeese, zey look ugly," the male Parisian shop assistant informed me stabbing at the gap at the back of my shoes - I don't blame her.
Zem, Luchini and Bourgoin each bring life to their characters, a suitably odd trio that you might only find in a French film.