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ZENNZero Emissions No Noise
ZENNZero Emission No Noise (automobile)
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Clifford claims that even when a non-renewable power-generation mix (including coal) is considered, using a ZENN results in a 77 percent net reduction in CO2 emissions.
The ZENN is a fully equipped, neighborhood electric vehicle with a range of up to 60 kilometers (37.
By driving a ZENN you cut emissions, not comfort or performance," said Feel Good Cars CEO Ian Clifford.
Feel Good Cars noted that the ZENN weighs 1,280 pounds and can be recharged using a typical 15-amp wall socket.
That day, the owner of a homebuilt EV pickup truck pulled in beside a small group of show attendees and started up a technical chat with the representative from Feel Good Cars of Toronto, which makes the ZENN.