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ZERZero Error Report
ZERZonas Exclusivamente Residenciais
ZERZero Emissions Record
ZERZero Energy Reactor
ZERZugandik Erabakitzen
ZERZero-Energy Resonance
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ZER units are designed for melt-fed, low-viscosity applications requiring relatively low torque and shear.
In the same study, NRF found that more than two-thirds (67%) of Gen Zers preferred to shop in stores most of the time, Cullen noted.
Gen Zers are far happier with their smartphones than with their service providers.
Through their connected devices, Gen Zers exist in a virtualized world where expression, enhancement and entertainment dominates.
But they expect to rise up quickly, 32 percent of Gen Zers believe they will manage employees in a corporate environmental in the next five years.
Whatever the future holds, most Gen Zers say they plan to start a job, buy a car, pay off student debt, get married, buy a home, then begin saving for retirement in that order.
The reality, however, may be different, researchers pointed out: Only 54% of post-college Gen Zers and 50% of those in Gen Y actually benefited from scholarships and grants.
Carrozza notes that 57% of Gen Zers still prefer shopping in-store, so drug retailers will need to acknowledge the complementary relationship and product offering between their in-store and online offering.
Even with the increased access to health information through a plethora of wellness apps and websites, Gen Zers still rely on their doctors or friends and family as their primary method to validate health and wellness information.
The good news for retailers is that Gen Zers value the online shopping experience and shop frequently.