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ZESZollinger-Ellison Syndrome
ZESZone Economique Spéciale (French: Special Economic Zone)
ZESZimmer Electronic Systems (Oberursel, Germany)
ZESZero Energy System
ZESZweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten (Dutch student glider club; Eindhoven, Netherlands)
ZESZukeran Elementary School (Okinawa, Japan)
ZESZutphen Elderly Study
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Resist 65 and Resist ZES are two-component, solvent based inorganic zinc ethyl silicate primers.
In the 1960s and 1970s, most diagnosed ZES cases were clinically fulminant.
The ZES programme is targeted at Omani Engineering/Science/Management/ Commerce (fresh or with maximum two years experience) graduates having good communication skills, a winning attitude, quick learning faculties and good analytical capabilities.
ZES also installed driver identification for better safety and security and a Geofencing Feature to help with the assignment of vehicles to defined areas.
ZES works with local authorities, housing associations, and in private homes, across the UK.
Through this relationship, ZES and InSync can now work collectively to offer complete hardware, software and application solutions to their customers.
com, one of the alliance's first partners, is working with ZES to integrate its Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) optimization tools into the ZES SPARCS product, the leading container management software solution for real-time graphical planning and control of container terminals.
At the conference, ZES will launch Marine Telematics Solutions, new technologies for real-time location and management of marine terminal operations.
2) Object of the contract includes the following facilities The area is managed operationally by PSE SA Branch in Warsaw a) power lines supported by ZES Ostroleka;b) power lines supported by ZES Fever;c) power lines supported by ZES Plock;d) power lines supported by ZES Janow;e) power lines supported by ZES Mora;f) power lines supported by ZES Rogowiec.
2) Object of the contract was divided into 11 parts called Packages PSE SA Branch in RadomPackage I - ZES power lines PolaniecPackage II - ZES power lines RzeszowPackage III - ZES power lines LublinPackage IV - ZES power lines RadomPackage V - ZES power lines KielcePSE SA A branch in WarsawPackage VI - Ostroleka power lines ZESPackage VII - ZES power lines MilosnaPackage VIII - ZES power lines PlockPackage IX - ZES power lines JanowPackage X - Mory ZES power linesPackage XI - ZES power lines Rogowiec3) Object of the contract includes m.
PSS includes the newly released ZES Dart UWB product which allows for unmatched accuracy and provides precise location and real-time visibility of highly mobile, high-value asset movement.