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ZFCZero-Field-Cooled (magnetization)
ZFCZimbabwe Fertilizer Company
ZFCZermelo-Fraenkel with Choice (mathematics)
ZFCZev Freidus Consulting (Boca Raton, FL)
ZFCZero Footprint Camp
ZFCZero Failure Criteria
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Assume further that ZFC proves that for each M |= T, there is some X [subset or equal to] M with [phi](M, X).
One of the disputes regarding the axioms of ZFC arises over the "C" in the acronym, which refers to the axiom of choice.
Because ZF and AC have in common many logical consequences (for example, the statement that every finite set can be well ordered) that are not logical truths, AC is not the weakest theory that, combined with ZF, is equivalent to ZFC.
La Figura 3 compara los ciclos isotermicos de histeresis magnetica, a la temperatura de 5 K, en ZFC, para las bicapas F10AF60 (curva color negro), F60AF10 (curva color rojo); para las capas ferromagneticas de 10 nm de espesor (azul) y la capa ferromagnetica de 100 nm de espesor (verde).
ZFK formulated here has been constructed, like ZFC, to axiomatize the "naive" set theory of G.
And, of course, backing up the naive intuition, one of the ZFC axioms is that if X is a set, so is P(X).
8) Higher ZFC scores indicate greater financial distress, so we expect that the higher the ZFC score, the more likely the client is to dismiss its auditor.
Disclosure = f (Size, Big5, ZFC, NAFEE, Exchange, Industry, ACMTG, ACIND).
Putnam's point applies not only to type theory but also to the equally hierarchical standard conception of set found in ZFC and NBG theories, whether or not interpreted via the "iterative" conception of set?
is not intended to be a proof of the consistency of Fin(ZFC), any more than discussions of the iterative conception of sets are supposed to be proofs of the consistency of ZFC.
SAM stockholders will receive newly issued ZFC shares, and holders of operating partnership units of SAM will receive operating partnership units in the surviving company.