ZFWZero Fuel Weight
ZFWZend Framework
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For the moment substantial co-payments do not exist in ZFW insurance.
As mentioned earlier, ZFW insurance, in principle, covers routine non-catastrophic care.
Modernization of ZFW insurance is the subject of discussion in the Netherlands for several reasons.
Prior to 1992, people eligible for ZFW insurance could not choose the fund they wanted.
Freedom of choice allows people with ZFW insurance to choose the fund that is best for them.
145) The reform being considered would integrate these schemes with the ZFW scheme for low- and medium income persons.
It has a standard benefit package comparable to that under the ZFW for a uniform premium that is fixed by law.
Premiums are mainly income related for the ZFW and are flat for the WTZ.
In 1999, the average lump-sum contribution was only [epsilon]182, compared with the maximum income-related contribution for the ZFW and AWBZ schemes -- including employers' contributions -- of [epsilon] 905 per year.
In this way, sickness funds can circumvent the prohibition to participate in enterprises that provide services to the social schemes ZFW and AWBZ.
The ZFW provides mandatory coverage for around 65 per cent of the population, consisting of private sector employees and social security benefit receivers below an income threshold and their dependants.
The insurance package is broader than the ZFW package, in particular concerning dental care.