ZHCZandalarian Hero Charm (World of Warcraft gaming)
ZHCZatec Hop Company (est. 1991; Czech Republic)
ZHCZajdela Hepatoma Cell
ZHCZero-Length Header Compression
ZHCZajdela Hepatoma Culture (cells)
ZHCZundertse Hockey Club (Netherlands)
ZHCZ Company Hacking Crew (computer hackers)
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ZHC workers and others in casual work (agency workers, false self-employed, etc) are not benefiting from the recovery.
In particular: ZHC workers should have better access to permanent, secure jobs with decent guaranteed hours.
27) These details are from a manifesto posted by ZHC members on pastebin.
CRISIL believes that ZHC will continue to benefit from the strong market position of Cadila Healthcare in the formulations market in India.
Eric Smith, Director of ZHC added, "I would like to thank everyone associated with this venture.