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Moreover, the recapitalisation is even expected to strengthen ZHL s international credit ratings for the insurance units.
ZHL also operates a private ambulance service with different prices, where the more affluent pay higher costs, the less affluent pay lesser costs and the very poor emergency victims are treated free of cost.
In addition, ZHL operates an Ambulance Outsourcing model where ZHL provides a fully equipped ambulance with a trained driver and a paramedic to hospitals who outsource this aspect of their business to concentrate on their core specialties of treating patients.
For too long, the poorest emergency victims have been overlooked and ZHL s efforts in the sector are extremely welcome.
Furthermore, ZHL Group developers point out that these are just several things to keep in mind in a pre-construction stage and one must consider conditions such as season, weather, building materials, number of subcontractors and financing that are to be discussed before the construction actually starts.
ZHL Group has finally released a new website that contains the list of services it provides together with a huge portfolio.
Professional and affordable general construction and construction management services are the unique and important aspects of ZHL activities.