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ZIFTZygote Intrafallopian Transfer
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They concluded that the pregnancy rate for one cycle of (hMG) ovarian stimulation and IUI was inferior to pregnancy rates associated with IVF, GIFT or ZIFT; 2 IUI cycles were equivalent to IVF or ZIFT but inferior to GIFT, 3 cycles were superior to IVF or ZIFT and equivalent to GIFT and 4 cycles were superior to all techniques.
Her retrospective cohort study compared 1,466 children conceived through assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including IVF, ZIFT, and ICSI: 299 children conceived through IUI and 8,289 children conceived naturally between 1989 and 2002.
Couples who are aware of cases of muscular dystrophy in their family tree, decide to make use of ZIFT (zygote intra-fallopian transfer) with pre-implantation diagnosis to make sure that they do not give birth to a boy affected by muscular dystrophy.