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ZILCHZero-Interest Loans for Conservation Help
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OPERATION ZILCH was how he referred to it in his own mind.
We've teamed up with high street favourites, Internacionale, to give you the chance to pick up this year's hottest summer accessories for zilch.
If the mere idea of the countertenor voice summons images of wispy British gentlemen with carefully manicured goatees and zilch sex appeal, have a look at--and a listen to--Daniels.
But, what would you think if you could get that same kind of counsel without any charge - free, zip, zilch, nada, bupkis
All of our operations are funded from the sale of stamps and postage, none of them (zero, zilch, nada) from taxes.
Any intelligent observer faced with the prospectus for the festival would almost certainly have prophesied that the standard of dancing would be high to stratospheric, while the standard of choreography would be low to zilch.
No secret was left unresearched, no witness unplumbed Clearly her right to privacy amounted to zilch, for she had been brazenly opaqu about her husband's extramarital affairs and then had attempted to implement across-the-board health-care reform.
When salaries are frozen, the bonus outlook is zilch, and things look bleak, that is when you lose your winners to the body snatchers.
Beautifully shot, loaded with atmosphere and boasting perhaps Nicole Kidman's best-ever performance, it's still a cold fish of a film with zilch emotional resonance.
For goodness sake, whether we sell the carriage or not will make absolutely zilch difference to the deficit the council allegedly have.