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ZINKZero Ink (Zink Imaging Inc, Bedford, MA)
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Zink and colleagues were surprised to discover that the European Iceman didn't have a European-looking strain.
Zink was born in Clayton, Ohio in 1970, to a line of hunters and guides who did it for both work and food.
Buyer: Zink Acquisition Holdings Inc, New Star Metals Inc, Insight Equity Holdings LLC
Zink skillfully merges the mystique of old-world New Orleans with Claire's present-day city--where a secretive network of families keeps the art of voodoo alive.
Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) (NASDAQ:MASC), a provider of material-based solutions, provided an update on matters relating to its proposed merger with Zink Acquisition Holdings Inc (parent) and Zink Acquisition Merger Sub Inc, which are affiliates of New Star Metals Inc and Insight Equity Holdings LLC, a private equity firm in Southlake, Texas, the company disclosed on Thursday.
Cascade CEO Terry Zink said Friday that community banks such as his must grow in order to be relevant and remain competitive.
This technology eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges as it uses heat to activate the colour-forming chemistry within the ZINK 2.
Zink, a consultant on canine sports medicine who teaches rehabilitation professionals and designs individualized rehabilitation programs for canine athletes, and Van Dyke, who teaches anatomy, biomechanics, and surgical pathology to canine rehabilitation professionals, offer a unique reference on sports medicine and rehabilitation for dogs.
html) Albert Zink , an anthropologist at the European Academy, who was involved in the research.
Microsoft researcher Terry Zink said there was evidence of spam being sent from Yahoo mail servers by Android devices, The BBC reports.
Michael Zink, Citibank NA's (NYSE: C) country officer in Singapore, has opined that Singapore's infrastructure is responsible for the city-state's success in becoming a global leader in private banking and wealth management.
7 April 2010 - Citigroup (NYSE:C) has elected Michael Zink as its new country manager for Singapore, local English-language daily The Straits Times reports today.