ZINWAZimbabwe National Water Authority
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First, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), a parastatal body tasked with overall management of the environ-ment in the country, took over from ZINWA the responsibility for water quality and pollution control.
The first step in developing indicators was to identify water management functions on the basis of the mandate conferred upon the RBO by the enabling legal framework, namely the Water and ZINWA Acts, and the relevant statutory instruments.
For example, the roles that ZINWA, EMA, and the Catchment Council and subcatchment councils played in environmental protection was identified as needing clarification to the extent that participants recommended that a position paper be produced on the matter.
Depends on ZINWA head office Mapping and 31-60% Methodology registering developed small dams Mapping and 31-60% Work has started registering but not enough boreholes human resources are available.
It follows from the ZINWA Act, Section 41 that only permitted water is subject to the user pays principle in terms of the new water levy.
The Catchment Manager from ZINWA present at the meeting indicated that as yet, ZINWA had not decided what the guidelines should be in deciding whether water use was primary or commercial.
18) In accordance with Section 41 in the ZINWA Act The Minister may, in consultation with the approval of the Minister responsible for finance, by statutory instrument, impose a water levy on any person holding a permit issued in terms of the Water Act (Chapter 20:24).
ZINWA board chairman Mr Michael Ndoro said that through this company, the government expects to reduce the cost of dam construction by at least 60%.
ZINWA Dam Construction and Design will draw human resources expertise of ZINWA the country s water authority.