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ZIOZero Input Output
ZIOZinc Iodide-Osmium
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Support ZIO and businesses on enhancing environmental performance,
Un giorno mio padre chiese di andare con lui in piazza ad aspettare il postale, perche doveva arrivare zio Rocco in compagnia di un amico.
iRhythm said that the ZIO Service can monitor and store patients' heartbeats for up to 14 days and provides diagnostic support services that deliver clear, actionable information to physicians.
Jack Saba, the father of Zio Saba, told Qatar Tribune,"Zio's passion for robotics increased when he received a robot kit a couple of years ago.
The Zio Patch is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
iRhythm provides a comprehensive diagnostics service with computer data analytics and its Zio Patch System has been shown to offer a considerable improvement in diagnostic accuracy over the traditional Holter monitoring, NVP partner Casper de Clercq, who has joined iRhythm's board, said, commenting on the investment.
Most of the interviewees--diverse in age and background, and only identified onscreen by their first names--choose songs they must have picked up on the radio, though Zio has written his own.
The BlackBerry Curve 8530 will be available on 6 August with the Sanyo ZIO by Kyocera available in the autumn.
If we manage to get together Zio Pin is always a great option because the atmosphere is so friendly.
Alla fine del pranzo lo zio si allentava il nodo della cravatta e si slacciava il colletto della camicia, si passava un dito sul neo fra il labbro superiore e il naso, poi accendeva due sigarette contemporaneamente, mettendosele in bocca tutt'e due insieme, quindi ne passava una alla zia.
The list includes its Prius gas-electric hybrid car and the Mark X ZiO, a new model which the company offers in a sedan, station wagon or minivan configuration.
The new Mark X ZiO embodies the refined quality and outstanding cruising performance characteristic of the acclaimed Mark X series, while adopting an interior based on a new concept that allows for flexible arrangements to suit the vehicle's use.
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