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ZIP+4Zone Improvement Plan + 4 (9 digit ZIP code, USPS)
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The advanced bar code will also be coming into common use - it codes not only the five-digit ZIP code area and the ZIP+4, which is the block or building of the addressee, but all the way down to the actual address within the building.
In particular, our Maponics ZIP+4 Centroids, Carrier Routes, and ZIP Code Boundaries data," says Mike Villarreal, manager of Product and Market Development at Maponics.
This file can be used by direct mailers and others who need to summarize their ZIP+4 information into standard Census geographies such as Block Groups or Census Tracts.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Bering Media, the leader in privacy based ZIP+4 targeting, today announces the launch of its Digital Post Office App in the AppNexus App Marketplace[TM].
But through the turmoil, Maponics is making constant data adjustments to be sure that the local reality is always captured accurately in our ZIP Code boundaries, ZIP+4 data and other ZIP Code map data products.
sales tax rates at the street address (rooftop) level - eclipsing previous rate calculation technologies that offer varying degrees of accuracy at either the ZIP code or ZIP+4 level.
Specific ZIP Code datasets available include: 5-digit ZIP Code boundaries, ZIP+4 data (9-digit ZIP Code data), postal carrier route boundaries, neighborhood-to-ZIP Code correspondence data and custom postal datasets.
The new solutions will link measures of a household's credit with IXI's proven ZIP+4 based average assets and investment tendency measures in order to enable firms to achieve a better understanding of their customers' financial position.
The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service([R]): First-Class, Standard Mail, USPS, CASS, NCOA(Link), DSF(2), ZIP+4, Suite(Link), USPS, and United States Postal Service.
Addressing requirements include using all capitals in the address, omitting all punctuation except the hyphen in the ZIP+4 code, and using the proper abbreviations for states.
Records may include: Household Member First Name, Household Member Last Name, Address, City State Zip, Area Code and Phone, Phone Area Code,Phone Number without Area Code, City, State, ZIP, ZIP+4, ZIP+4+DPBC, Delivery Point Bar Code, Carrier Route, County, All Household Members First, All Household Members last, Household Member Gender and can include: Select Factual Elements
It provides more than 140 solutions, including: address hygiene; a full range of postal enhancement services including NCOA, DSF, DPV, LACS and ZIP+4, merge/purge, de-dupe and suppressions and postal presort; list rentals; data overlays; coding/scoring service; customer profiling; response/RFM and promotion matchback analysis; complete regression and modeling capabilities; database management; list rental fulfillment; variable content management portals; and customized data outputs for print and marketing purposes.